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THE FIRST (and only) LOG...

fineyouchickens = Prince Barry
chickendebt = Lucas, Royal Advisor to the Prince
blizzardchickens = Red, Travelling Mercenary

fineyouchickens (7:28:22 PM): [SO GUYS I think we should start like, semi-srs?? IN THE CASTLE... Lucas reports that there are haps happening in the mountains? and they go investigate? idek]
blizzardchickens (7:28:29 PM): PFFFF sure
chickendebt (7:28:41 PM): OKAY
blizzardchickens (7:28:41 PM): or red's brought in to be hired as a guide ajflajf idk
chickendebt (7:28:47 PM): hdgfhj
blizzardchickens (7:28:47 PM): [FORGOT BRACKETS]
blizzardchickens (7:28:56 PM): [/akjflajf ]
fineyouchickens (7:28:56 PM): [lmao gj subjects]
blizzardchickens (7:29:46 PM): [uuuh so is Red there or not?]
fineyouchickens (7:29:55 PM): [not quite yet maybe?]
blizzardchickens (7:29:59 PM): [okee dokee][
fineyouchickens (7:30:13 PM): [or maybe he is being hired on a mission or something to come along with them]
fineyouchickens (7:30:16 PM): [and wonders what they're talking about]
blizzardchickens (7:30:39 PM): [hurrr ok~]
blizzardchickens (7:30:54 PM): [..... oh.]
fineyouchickens (7:30:59 PM): [8Db]
fineyouchickens (7:32:48 PM): *so! has just returned from a leisurely Ponyta ride around the castle grounds, still in riding gear as he leads Ponyta back into her stable.*
chickendebt (7:34:09 PM): *Lucas is waiting for his prince outside the stable, standing attentively!* Sire.
fineyouchickens (7:37:03 PM): Ah, Lucas! What brings you out here? I was not aware you were planning on riding today, or else I may have waited. *bro-mode; he looks happy to see you! it has been terribly lonely all morning :'c*
blizzardchickens (7:37:35 PM): [ ;A; aaaaw]
chickendebt (7:40:07 PM): *lucas, unfortunately, is not in bro-mode. He gives a small bow.* I regret to say I have not come to ride; I have instead come to inform you of the arrival of the mercenary.
fineyouchickens (7:42:20 PM): *oh it's time for SUPER SERIOUS BUSINESS I SEE* The mercenary! What need do we have for a mercenary? *SUDDEN DISMAY* Is there a war coming?! Has someone poisoned my father?!
chickendebt (7:44:53 PM): All is well, Sire, worry not. *his expression NEVER CHANGES...* As others in the castle were not well enough equipped in knowledge of the mountains, a mercenary was called in and has agreed to lead you on your desired expedition.
blizzardchickens (7:46:22 PM): *just hanging out in the main hall. took the wanted ad for a guide because he was low on cash.*
fineyouchickens (7:47:00 PM): *ooh excitement and glee!* Ah, yes, my grand expedition to the mountains to uncover the home of the Demon Lord and defeat him once and for all! *makes haste in getting Ponyta settled back in her stall, then begins marching his way back to the castle without waiting for Lucas* Tell me, Lucas! How does he seem? Brave? Strongwilled?
fineyouchickens (7:47:28 PM): [Barry has the equivalent of Lt. Surge in his head rn.]
blizzardchickens (7:48:09 PM): *worn out cloak, thin frame, limp black hair, look of indifference*
fineyouchickens (7:48:25 PM): [asdflaks teehee]
chickendebt (7:50:10 PM): *follows without complaint, used to trailing behind* He is... what you might call a strong and silent type, Your Highness... short on words, but quite established in his trade...
fineyouchickens (7:51:54 PM): *nodnod* Of course, of course! No need for words when you have the fist of the gods! *bursts through the door to the main hall* LOYAL SUBJECT, IT IS I, PRINCE BARRY THE AWESOME, AND I HUMBLY WELCOME YOU TO TWINLEAF CASTLE--where is he, Lucas? *peers around*
blizzardchickens (7:52:27 PM): *raises a hand* Hey
chickendebt (7:52:39 PM): *clears throat...* Sire, if I may announce him... I present to you the mercenary Red.
blizzardchickens (7:52:40 PM): *totally unimpressive*
blizzardchickens (7:53:18 PM): *walks up* I'd like the guide job. *holds up the notice that was on the town square board*
fineyouchickens (7:54:39 PM): You're the experienced mercenary meant to protect myself and my advisor on our dangerous quest to find the Demon Lord of the mountains? *eyes Red closely*
blizzardchickens (7:54:57 PM): *nods* Aye, sire.
blizzardchickens (7:55:30 PM): *a pause* But I've never heard of any such demon king while on the mountain.
fineyouchickens (7:57:33 PM): You haven't?! But everyone knows about the beast! *dramatic hand gestures* He strikes us down with lightning, shoots great pillars of flames into the air and creates waterfalls at a whim!
fineyouchickens (7:57:58 PM): Are you truly prepared to handle a confrontation with such a monster?!
chickendebt (7:59:22 PM): *he totally exists, red. totally. if called upon, lucas would totes agree with the prince*
blizzardchickens (7:59:41 PM): *looks at both of them as if they're nuts*
chickendebt (8:00:04 PM): *Totally Serious Face*
blizzardchickens (8:00:05 PM): If something like that exists, I am sure my partner and I can handle it.
fineyouchickens (8:00:19 PM): *intrigued!* Your partner? What partner is this?
blizzardchickens (8:00:30 PM): Oh, right here. *Pikachu peeks out from his cloak*
blizzardchickens (8:00:50 PM): *It perches on his shoulder and yawns*
chickendebt (8:00:52 PM): *...vague eyebrow raise...*
blizzardchickens (8:01:07 PM): When do you want to go?
fineyouchickens (8:01:24 PM): *a foreign pokémon!!* Lucas! What Pokémon is this? *ignores Red in favour of studying Pikachu with great interest*
chickendebt (8:02:08 PM): A Pikachu, Sire. Native to the lands and kingdoms of Kanto.
fineyouchickens (8:02:49 PM): Kanto! Is that from where you hail then, mercenary?
blizzardchickens (8:03:07 PM): *a nod* I travel a lot.
blizzardchickens (8:03:26 PM): *nervous sweat hopefully went unnoticed*
fineyouchickens (8:04:46 PM): *gleeface* Then I expect to be regaled with tales of great adventure and conquest for the duration of our journey! Lucas, fetch me my chicken--I must retire to my chambers to prepare for the arduous expedition ahead!
blizzardchickens (8:05:15 PM): *looks at notice, doesn't say anything about storytelling*
blizzardchickens (8:05:19 PM): *wondering if he can charge extra*
fineyouchickens (8:06:23 PM): *we have plenty of chickens if you'd like one*
chickendebt (8:06:51 PM): Right away, Your Highness. *to the chicken quarters!!1 you can follow if you want, red, or just chill that works too*
blizzardchickens (8:07:20 PM): *decides to follow, never been inside the Royal Sinnoh Castle before*
chickendebt (8:08:03 PM): *these chickens are treated very nicely, red! they are also not eaten. well, these special ones at least...*
Lucas Chicken (8:08:15 PM): *look at how fancy this place is*
Lucas Chicken (8:08:19 PM): *so fancy*
blizzardchickens (8:08:31 PM): *despite the bland face, he is impressed, Pikachu is looking around curiously too*
fineyouchickens (8:08:32 PM): *so fancy and YELLOW EVERYWHERE*
fineyouchickens (8:09:17 PM): *I will assume you are not following me into my private chambers to watch me undress, men*
fineyouchickens (8:09:33 PM): *actually Lucas you have to help me so nvm*
chickendebt (8:10:06 PM): *gfdhj-- can't the servants help you for now, we're retrieving your chicken!*
blizzardchickens (8:10:21 PM): *Red almost walks in, sees the interior, calmly steps back out*
fineyouchickens (8:10:30 PM): *b-but you're the most gentle-- 8( fine, servants it is*
fineyouchickens (8:11:01 PM): *only a moment later, is READY TO GO IN FULL BATTLE GEAR*
chickendebt (8:11:43 PM): *HAS THE CHICKEN! It is a very nice chicken.*
fineyouchickens (8:11:54 PM): *excellent choice of chicken, Lucas.*
blizzardchickens (8:12:10 PM): Uh... it's pretty cold up there. Are you warm in that, sire?
fineyouchickens (8:13:43 PM): This chicken contains remarkable powers of warmth and light. I will be more than fine! There is no need to worry.
chickendebt (8:13:48 PM): *his BURNING SHONEN SPIRIT will keep him warm too*
fineyouchickens (8:14:10 PM): *hell yes shonen spirit*
blizzardchickens (8:14:12 PM): *looks dubiously at the chicken* If you're sure....
blizzardchickens (8:14:22 PM): [LOL torchic?]
fineyouchickens (8:14:24 PM): *chicken: cluck-luck?*
chickendebt (8:14:30 PM): *lucas is adequately dressed, at least. he does not believe in the chicken to nearly as large a degree*
fineyouchickens (8:14:30 PM): [LOL HAHA]
chickendebt (8:14:32 PM): [dhgshjfg]
fineyouchickens (8:14:51 PM): *well I expect you have packed my fur cape, Lucas*
chickendebt (8:15:20 PM): *yes of course, for when you start complaining bitterly about the snow*
fineyouchickens (8:15:33 PM): *:'D*
chickendebt (8:15:45 PM): *also a book ALL ABOUT THE DEMON LORD if you'd care to read it red*
blizzardchickens (8:15:50 PM): I'd bring supplies too. An escape rope and repel are handy. *Flips through his own bag to show*
blizzardchickens (8:16:26 PM): *Red looks at it. Odd curiosity.* May I see that?
fineyouchickens (8:16:31 PM): Ah! I see you have come quite well-prepared, mercenary. *claps him on the back* Excellent, we may have use for you yet!
chickendebt (8:16:48 PM): Certainly. *RED obtained REALLY ODD BOOK*
Lucas Chicken (8:17:14 PM): *it's full of rumors*
blizzardchickens (8:17:33 PM): *nearly fumbles out of his hands after being clapped on the back* Oh, right. Whenever you are ready, we can go.
blizzardchickens (8:17:42 PM): *flipping through it just blank-faced as ever*
blizzardchickens (8:17:58 PM): *never saw anything like this, nope, not like that either*
fineyouchickens (8:18:56 PM): *AT LEAST SEVEN FEET TALL WITH HUGE FANGS*
chickendebt (8:19:04 PM): *BEWARE!!!!!!!!*
blizzardchickens (8:19:23 PM): *Burns from his fire will never heal!*
blizzardchickens (8:20:21 PM): *hands book back to Lucas* Uh, has anyone actually met this demon lord?
fineyouchickens (8:20:38 PM): *dark look* One that we know of.
fineyouchickens (8:20:55 PM): A member of our knighthood... but he has never been able to speak of it again.
chickendebt (8:21:15 PM): *nodding dutifully as he puts away the book*
fineyouchickens (8:21:51 PM): [SOB I wish we had Sir Green]
blizzardchickens (8:22:00 PM): [SOB me toooo]
chickendebt (8:22:09 PM): [yeaaah ;A;]
blizzardchickens (8:22:48 PM): Er, that is unfortunate. *Rubs back of head*
blizzardchickens (8:23:10 PM): *Points to mountain in distance* I will take you around the mountain until we reach the top.
blizzardchickens (8:23:42 PM): We'll see the inside of it, but I'm quite certain there is no demon king. Not even a lair.
blizzardchickens (8:24:08 PM): Once we reach the top, I'll lead you the shortest path down.
blizzardchickens (8:24:26 PM): *draws cloak close* Would that be enough, sire?
fineyouchickens (8:26:04 PM): *wags a finger at him* We shall yet see! I am certain that if you have not seen the demon, it is only because it has chosen not to reveal itself to you. *serious face* It can turn itself invisible to the naked eye, it is said!
fineyouchickens (8:26:28 PM): But take us around the mountain, mercenary, and prepare yourself for a great battle!!
blizzardchickens (8:27:59 PM): *Red surpressed the strange sense of dread* Understood.
chickendebt (8:28:04 PM): *Lucas looks questioningly at a servant who steps into the main hall, who nods to let him know ALL PREPARATIONS ARE READY*
blizzardchickens (8:29:02 PM): [Do they start walking?]
chickendebt (8:29:51 PM): [yyyyyes?]
fineyouchickens (8:29:54 PM): [Suuure]
blizzardchickens (8:31:20 PM): *at base of mountain, Red stops for a moment* And in the end, the bird knight fought for justice even to his last breath.
blizzardchickens (8:31:30 PM): *TOLD ENTIRE STORY OF SIR SWELLOW*
chickendebt (8:31:42 PM): [hdgfhfdkjg]
Lucas Chicken (8:31:54 PM): *h-how moving....*
fineyouchickens (8:33:07 PM): How engaging! What a wonderful tale! *applauds*
blizzardchickens (8:33:21 PM): It was one of my favorites as a child. *faint smile*
fineyouchickens (8:33:26 PM): --ah, this is it! This is the mountain!
blizzardchickens (8:33:49 PM): *nods* Here begins our climb, please take caution.
fineyouchickens (8:34:05 PM): May I have a moment, men? *trots over to a nearby precipice, gazing out at the whole of his castle in the distance*
fineyouchickens (8:34:34 PM): Farewell, Father! Farewell, Mother! I swear to you, if I should die it will not be in vain! If I should die, it will only be because I have defeated our kingdom's greatest enemy in fifty years! I, Prince Barry of Twinleaf, will do what it takes to protect our great kingdom--*and he carries on forever*
blizzardchickens (8:35:15 PM): *Whatever shred of awe for the young king Red had is now gone forever*
chickendebt (8:36:39 PM): *lucas is so used to this*
blizzardchickens (8:37:27 PM): *to Lucas* Should you stop him? If this keeps up, he'll be exhausted halfway up.
fineyouchickens (8:37:28 PM): *blah blah justice and pride okay he's done*
fineyouchickens (8:37:38 PM): Now, let's carry on!
fineyouchickens (8:37:42 PM): The slaying of a beast awaits!
blizzardchickens (8:38:03 PM): There's... no... *ignored*
fineyouchickens (8:38:05 PM): *marches past Lucas and Red*
blizzardchickens (8:39:45 PM): *pause, closes mouth, decides it's not worth the effort and follows*
blizzardchickens (8:41:23 PM): [Mostly regular forest on the outside.
blizzardchickens (8:41:38 PM): Pikachu uses Flash to light the caves.]
blizzardchickens (8:41:52 PM): Please stay close, sire, Lucas.
chickendebt (8:42:07 PM): [whoops sorry my parents came home and i had to go say hi]
fineyouchickens (8:42:22 PM): So, Red! You have told us the great story of Sir Swellow, but what of your childhood? *follows dutifully alongside Red and Pikachu* What brought you to the role you play now as a traveller?
blizzardchickens (8:42:27 PM): [that's okee~ hi lommy parents!]
fineyouchickens (8:42:28 PM): [that's okay!]
blizzardchickens (8:44:11 PM): *A twitch. Pikachu is startled.* Er, I favor challenges. There was more to see outside of where I grew up, so I followed where paths led.
chickendebt (8:44:13 PM): *lucas is the most attentive! If the most quiet...*
blizzardchickens (8:44:20 PM): [vague red is vague]
fineyouchickens (8:45:39 PM): I see! An admirable path to follow. You have seen much of the world, yes? Hoenn, Johto?
fineyouchickens (8:46:07 PM): [wait were Kanto and Johto one combined kingdom... oh well lmao]
blizzardchickens (8:46:11 PM): Just Kanto and Johto. Not much of Hoenn.
blizzardchickens (8:46:15 PM): [oh akjflaf oh wells]
blizzardchickens (8:46:44 PM): Please lower your voice here, sire, we are now passing a Golbat den.
blizzardchickens (8:46:48 PM): [oh god]
chickendebt (8:46:54 PM): [uh oh]
fineyouchickens (8:46:55 PM): WHAT WAS THAT, MERCENARY?
fineyouchickens (8:47:01 PM): *whoops, echo-y in here*
blizzardchickens (8:47:06 PM): *super echo*
blizzardchickens (8:47:18 PM): *Red has to stop and listen*
chickendebt (8:47:39 PM): *ffffff--- stepping closer to the prince!!*
blizzardchickens (8:47:41 PM): Crouch down now! Cover your heads! *pikachu's light goes out*
blizzardchickens (8:47:53 PM): *Loud screeching all over the cave AAAAAA*
fineyouchickens (8:48:34 PM): *OW*
blizzardchickens (8:48:59 PM): *Golbat everywhere*
chickendebt (8:49:10 PM): *AAAAAA Totes protecting the prince as best as he can!*
fineyouchickens (8:49:11 PM): I demand you stop this at once, Golbat! *flails*
chickendebt (8:49:17 PM): Stay down, Sire!
blizzardchickens (8:49:42 PM): Don't do that! Don't- ah, forget it, Pikachu!
fineyouchickens (8:49:49 PM): *8| aaaaa fine, hides*
blizzardchickens (8:49:56 PM): *TUNDABOLT SOME BATS*
fineyouchickens (8:50:05 PM): *... omg so bright and sparkly*
chickendebt (8:50:14 PM): *SO IMPRESSIVE*
blizzardchickens (8:50:19 PM): [screeching has stopped or has become faint]
chickendebt (8:50:39 PM): *...good thing we have our trusty mercenary....*
Lucas Chicken (8:50:50 PM): Are you uninjured, Sire?
fineyouchickens (8:51:51 PM): Do not fear, dear Lucas, for I am alive and well. *tragic look upon his face, as if narrowly escaping death*
blizzardchickens (8:52:51 PM): *sighs and brushes himself off as he gets back up. Pikachu hops back on his shoulder and re-flashes*
blizzardchickens (8:53:07 PM): Please check that you still have your belongings. We should advance forward before they return.
chickendebt (8:56:09 PM): *He gets up as well, his stiff expression returned to his face*
Lucas Chicken (8:56:19 PM): With all haste, then.
fineyouchickens (8:57:15 PM): *did someone say haste?* Let us be off then! The beast yet awaits! *runs*
chickendebt (8:57:43 PM): *whoops*
Lucas Chicken (8:57:53 PM): *well, it got him out of there at least*
blizzardchickens (8:58:21 PM): *follows. quickly. he'd like for them to survive at least until he gets paid*
fineyouchickens (8:58:31 PM): [lmao red so warmhearted!]
blizzardchickens (8:58:36 PM): *Snow is falling lightly*
chickendebt (8:58:37 PM): [hdgshf how businesslike]
fineyouchickens (8:58:57 PM): Snow! *protects chicken as he tentatively exits the cave*
blizzardchickens (8:59:01 PM): [Pfff he just wanted to be able to pay for a nice meal.]
blizzardchickens (8:59:26 PM): Be careful with your footing. The snow may look even, but the ground beneath is not.
blizzardchickens (8:59:38 PM): Please follow closely.
fineyouchickens (8:59:49 PM): *test-stomps* I see, I see! But what is this-- *SEES FOOTPRINTS*
fineyouchickens (8:59:54 PM): *OH MY GOD IT'S FOOTPRINTS*
chickendebt (9:00:01 PM): *...footprints...?*
blizzardchickens (9:00:06 PM): Sire...? *voice is lost*
fineyouchickens (9:00:07 PM): *OF A MONSTER!!!! OBVIOUSLY*
fineyouchickens (9:00:15 PM): Men! Do you see this?!
fineyouchickens (9:00:24 PM): These prints in the snow could only belong to one thing!
fineyouchickens (9:01:15 PM): [Snorunt: /peers at these strange humans from behind a rock. :|a]
blizzardchickens (9:01:37 PM): Sire... *taps his shoulder* There are other wild Pokemon in these mountains.
blizzardchickens (9:01:52 PM): *pikachu waves to the snorunt*
fineyouchickens (9:02:27 PM): Oh. Of course. But we must keep a wary eye out, for it must then be too easy for the Demon Lord to hide himself amongst these Pokémon!
chickendebt (9:02:36 PM): *Lucas is v. interested in this snorunt! He hasn't seen one of those in a while...*
fineyouchickens (9:03:05 PM): [Snorunt: Sn-snorunt! /scuttles off timidly]
chickendebt (9:03:16 PM): [ >8 no come baaaaaaack]
fineyouchickens (9:03:29 PM): [scary humans D:]
blizzardchickens (9:04:00 PM): There's no... *He gives up trying to reason* At least, do not disturb the Ursaring.
chickendebt (9:04:36 PM): We shalt do our best. *try not to flip out, Barry...*
fineyouchickens (9:05:05 PM): The Ursaring?!
fineyouchickens (9:05:24 PM): *sudden interest* I must see one!
fineyouchickens (9:05:44 PM): Whereabouts do you find them on this mountain, Red?
chickendebt (9:05:53 PM): *inward sigh....*
blizzardchickens (9:06:10 PM): *Red has a face of alarm and disbelief* Sire, they are dormant at this time. If you wake them, they will surely attack you.
blizzardchickens (9:06:35 PM): I can defend against one or two, but an entire cave full would be suicide.
blizzardchickens (9:06:44 PM): *a pause*
blizzardchickens (9:06:57 PM): They will devour your chicken mercilessly.
fineyouchickens (9:07:06 PM): *....... face falls*
chickendebt (9:07:10 PM): *jdhsgh-- NICE MOVE, RED*
fineyouchickens (9:07:11 PM): *sadBarry.*
blizzardchickens (9:07:23 PM): [Sorry, Barry, Red wants to live as much as chicken does.]
fineyouchickens (9:07:31 PM): [Chicken: Squawk? :s]
blizzardchickens (9:07:51 PM): Shall we continue?
fineyouchickens (9:08:01 PM): I suppose we shall. *8<*
chickendebt (9:08:21 PM): Worry not, Sire... you and your chicken shall come to no harm as long as we stay clear of the Ursaring as Red advised.
blizzardchickens (9:08:32 PM): *Red nods appreciatively at Lucas*
fineyouchickens (9:08:48 PM): But Lucas! How exciting it would have been if we could have tamed an Ursaring! *flail* It would have been an invaluable ally in our great battle!
fineyouchickens (9:08:56 PM): *chicken goes flying--whoops, catches it*
blizzardchickens (9:09:10 PM): *Red looks sympathetically at the chicken*
blizzardchickens (9:09:14 PM): *He wants to fly off too*
fineyouchickens (9:09:28 PM): [suicidal chicken lmao]
chickendebt (9:09:45 PM): *the chicken would do better in Lucas's arms... if only Barry would allow him to hold it for him.*
blizzardchickens (9:09:48 PM): [Should they continue? Snow getting a bit harsher.]
fineyouchickens (9:09:52 PM): *NO IT IS MINE.*
blizzardchickens (9:09:54 PM): [Pfffff, poor chicken]
blizzardchickens (9:10:00 PM): [Chicken: 8'| ]
fineyouchickens (9:10:24 PM): Lead the way, good mercenary!
chickendebt (9:10:41 PM): Taming the Ursaring is too dangerous an endeavor, sire... perhaps at another time when we are more equipped.
blizzardchickens (9:11:32 PM): *Makes mental note of NOT taking that job*
chickendebt (9:12:01 PM): *don't worry red that was only a distractor to get barry to forget it later*
blizzardchickens (9:12:09 PM): [Pfff thank you, Lucas]
blizzardchickens (9:12:33 PM): *pulls up hood of cloak* There may be hail. You may want to protect your head and shoulders.
fineyouchickens (9:13:46 PM): [aaa brb guys, dinnertime]
chickendebt (9:13:58 PM): [o7!]
blizzardchickens (9:14:37 PM): [okeee~]
chickendebt (9:14:44 PM): Of course. *his hat may fall off in this weather.... so he'll take it off and replace it with the hood of his cloak as well*
blizzardchickens (9:16:07 PM): *such a mysterious set of hooded men... well, there's barry, nevermind*
chickendebt (9:16:27 PM): *SO MYSTERIO-- oh.*
blizzardchickens (9:17:38 PM): [that 8D face]
chickendebt (9:18:07 PM): [ruins. everything. hfdghj]
blizzardchickens (9:19:18 PM): [Pfffff, this country is in great hands.]
fineyouchickens (9:31:44 PM): [HEY GUYS WHAT'D I MISS]
chickendebt (9:31:52 PM): [mysteriousness]
fineyouchickens (9:32:02 PM): *perches chicken on head, joins mysterytroupe*
blizzardchickens (9:32:42 PM): [looking not so mysterious~]
fineyouchickens (9:33:09 PM): So what business have you had on this mountain, Red? You claim to know it very well, yes?
blizzardchickens (9:35:09 PM): *he has an awkward jerk in his step but keeps going as if nothing happened* Er, it's open and peaceful at the top, when the hail has ceased.
blizzardchickens (9:35:52 PM): Also a comfortable place to train my skills without causing trouble or harm.
fineyouchickens (9:36:28 PM): Ah! From the top you can see far and wide throughout the region, I assume?
chickendebt (9:36:49 PM): I'm sure it's an impressive view...
blizzardchickens (9:37:07 PM): *nods* We'll have a chance, I'm sure. The hail is ligher than usual.
fineyouchickens (9:38:00 PM): Excellent! *marchmarch* Are there many who choose to train up here?
blizzardchickens (9:39:06 PM): *shakes his head* No. Probably from the cold weather.
chickendebt (9:39:46 PM): A solitary place as well, I see...
fineyouchickens (9:40:07 PM): The cold weather does not trouble you? *curious glance at Red*
blizzardchickens (9:40:49 PM): I've learned to adapt. It's part of training. *Pikachu however sneezes and buries itself back into the cloak*
blizzardchickens (9:41:34 PM): *stops at the entrance back into a cave* Sire, from here we have two paths. One leads higher, one leads lower.
blizzardchickens (9:42:21 PM): We can take the lower path first. On some days, a firey bird is there in the deepest area.
fineyouchickens (9:42:33 PM): Why, we must take the high path, of course! We must strive to reach the top no matter the obstacle! *immediately embarks on said path*
fineyouchickens (9:42:53 PM): [lmao... did not intentionally ignore you]
blizzardchickens (9:42:55 PM): [Lucas was probably the only one who caught that second sentence maybe pfff]
fineyouchickens (9:42:59 PM): [but ahahaha]
blizzardchickens (9:43:01 PM): ['s okay |D;;;;]
blizzardchickens (9:43:16 PM): *Red looks at Lucas as for what to do*
chickendebt (9:44:43 PM): *he gives a shrug-- but calls out to Barry anyway.* Sire, as Advisor, I believe your best interests may lie on the lower path...
fineyouchickens (9:46:28 PM): And that is the path I chose, dear Advisor! *hurriedly backtracks and disappears down the other path*
chickendebt (9:47:15 PM): *lucas gives red a barely-there smile before following after his prince. Ahaha.*
fineyouchickens (9:47:42 PM): [WE NEED SOMETHING DRAMATIC TO HAPPEN. ideas??]
blizzardchickens (9:47:50 PM): [They run into Moltres?]
chickendebt (9:47:52 PM): [FIRE BIRD SIGHTING]
fineyouchickens (9:47:58 PM): [oshi--]
blizzardchickens (9:48:16 PM): *Red follows* The slope is steep, so watch your step.
blizzardchickens (9:48:41 PM): [chamber looks like dis]
fineyouchickens (9:48:57 PM): *extremely far down the path apparently; calls up, faintly* How strange, it appears to be getting much warmer down here. Could it be that... *fades out*
chickendebt (9:49:33 PM): *Uh oh. Better pick up the pace...!*
blizzardchickens (9:49:43 PM): *Worried face, also runs faster*
blizzardchickens (9:50:15 PM): [bird screech?]
fineyouchickens (9:51:46 PM): *when you discover him, Barry is crouched down behind a large boulder, peering wide-eyed down into a huge cavernous pit where a bright flickering glow seems to be emanating*
chickendebt (9:52:44 PM): *hdgsaakd-- HE'S SAFE OKAY GOOD calm, lucas... calm...*
blizzardchickens (9:53:18 PM): *red catches up and also crouches down*
chickendebt (9:53:23 PM): *looking to Red, concerned. His voice is low.* Could that be the aforementioned bird...?
blizzardchickens (9:53:54 PM): Oh, he's here.... *nods to Lucas* The side of the cavern is too difficult to climb, and I am not certain of its power.
blizzardchickens (9:54:19 PM): I have decided not to challenge it until I am able to master this area.
blizzardchickens (9:54:27 PM): I think it would be best not to gain its attention.
fineyouchickens (9:54:55 PM): *excited whispering* This is marvelous, Lucas! Do you see that? How magnificent and powerful this bird must be to source such great flames! If only I had known that this mountain carried such an amazing secret!
chickendebt (9:59:01 PM): *whispering-- if more urgent than excited* It is indeed marvelous-- but we must exercise utmost caution, Sire. Red is most knowledgeable about this and I think it wise to follow his advice!
blizzardchickens (10:00:41 PM): *Red nods* It's best to let it be. At least you know this chamber does not belong to the 'demon king' you search for.
blizzardchickens (10:02:47 PM): [Suddenly Moltres looks up. Uh oh, can it smell chicken?]
blizzardchickens (10:04:21 PM): [It flaps its wings, fire sparks fly out all around.]
blizzardchickens (10:04:34 PM): [With a loud call, it leaps into the air and flies at the boulder they are hiding behind.]
fineyouchickens (10:08:46 PM): [AAAAAAAAA]
blizzardchickens (10:10:42 PM): *Let's Pikachu out* Sire, Lucas, head for the entrance!
chickendebt (10:10:54 PM): *Uh oh-- this is bad. (Chicken, this is all your fault.) Barry, Lucas is practically shoving you out of the way-- time to run from the frontal attack!!*
fineyouchickens (10:12:17 PM): *is shoved out of the way, but the chicken escapes! D: IT IS VULNERABLE HALP*
blizzardchickens (10:12:55 PM): [Moltres completely forgets Barry and turns attention to Chicken, it's ready to let out a flamethrower]
fineyouchickens (10:13:11 PM): [LUCAS, USE AURA SPHERE!!!]
blizzardchickens (10:13:16 PM): What is it looking f-
blizzardchickens (10:13:22 PM): *notices chicken*
chickendebt (10:13:29 PM): [hdgfshj /USES AURA SPHERE FUCK YEAH]
fineyouchickens (10:13:40 PM): [WHOOOOO \o/]
fineyouchickens (10:13:52 PM): [It was not very effective... :C]
blizzardchickens (10:13:54 PM): [But fighting moves are weak on flying types sob]
fineyouchickens (10:14:18 PM): *uses Rock Throw*
fineyouchickens (10:14:23 PM): *THROWING ROCKS AT MOLTRES, IS HARDCORE*
blizzardchickens (10:15:03 PM): [Moltres does not like rock throw, it now turns back to Barry. BU ]
blizzardchickens (10:15:37 PM): Pikachu, take the chicken and get it outside. I'll help the other two.
blizzardchickens (10:16:05 PM): *Pikachu uses Quick Attack and shoves the chicken back outside, Red leaps in front of Lucas and Barry as Moltres comes closer*
fineyouchickens (10:16:11 PM): [Chicken: *FLAIL SQUAWK D8 D8*]
blizzardchickens (10:16:18 PM): [I take it they have pokeballs? idk]
fineyouchickens (10:16:22 PM): [lmao sure]
chickendebt (10:17:20 PM): [okaaaaay!]
blizzardchickens (10:17:30 PM): *releases large turtle* Blastoise, Hydro Pump, quickly!
fineyouchickens (10:17:58 PM): *O_O*
blizzardchickens (10:18:27 PM): Escape while you have the chance! Your chicken is safe!
fineyouchickens (10:18:40 PM): *doesn't need to be told twice, grabs Lucas and runs!*
chickendebt (10:18:41 PM): *Lucas brandishes his AURA STAFF. Also Espeon.* Espeon, make sure no harm comes to the Prince! *wouldn't want any debris or shrapnel or anything hitting him while they run out!*
blizzardchickens (10:18:43 PM): [Moltres and Blastoise pew pew at each other]
chickendebt (10:18:48 PM): [PEW PEW PEW]
fineyouchickens (10:18:51 PM): [AHAHA AWESOME]
fineyouchickens (10:19:41 PM): [I love how they put up with Barry caring so much about his dumb chicken.]
chickendebt (10:20:01 PM): [hgfdhj well, for lucas he is The Prince and the chicken is Very Important]
blizzardchickens (10:20:03 PM): [Red feels so sorry for it.]
chickendebt (10:20:14 PM): [if the chicken dies red probably wouldn't get paid as much hsfgdfhj]
fineyouchickens (10:20:16 PM): [fffff]
blizzardchickens (10:20:33 PM): [Sadly red probably feels worse if the chicken died instead of barry.]
chickendebt (10:20:49 PM): [sgfjkdsjg oh red]
fineyouchickens (10:21:16 PM): [I do not blame him, man.]
blizzardchickens (10:21:40 PM): *Sees that they have escaped, oh good, waits for Moltres to sort of fall back before recalling Blastoise and dashes out of the cavern himself*
fineyouchickens (10:21:44 PM): *outside, joins Pikachu and the chicken! gathers chicken into his arms, holding it tight ;A;*
blizzardchickens (10:21:58 PM): Sire! Lucas! Are you alright?
blizzardchickens (10:22:07 PM): [Pfff chicken so happy?]
chickendebt (10:22:28 PM): Yes, thankfully-- and yourself? *Should they keep running D8*
fineyouchickens (10:23:00 PM): [Chicken confused as fuck and a little terrified, but it's okay 8D]
blizzardchickens (10:23:30 PM): I am unharmed... we should go a little farther, take the other path from before upward. *panting a little*
blizzardchickens (10:23:45 PM): I am not sure how fast the bird recovers.
fineyouchickens (10:23:55 PM): Will the bird choose to follow us once it does? *D:*
blizzardchickens (10:24:36 PM): *Red takes a moment to think, looks at Pikachu* If we stay among the trees and make no sudden movement, it will have trouble seeing us.
blizzardchickens (10:24:53 PM): I will have Pikachu to fight if it does attack us once again.
chickendebt (10:24:59 PM): [no sudden movement... and Barry? jfhdj good luck]
fineyouchickens (10:25:46 PM): Understood! We will be swift and silent like the wind! *must protect chickennn*
chickendebt (10:26:00 PM): Right. This way, then!
blizzardchickens (10:26:10 PM): [LOL jittery barry]
blizzardchickens (10:26:21 PM): [But he'll do it for his chicken pfff]
fineyouchickens (10:26:37 PM): [lmao]
fineyouchickens (10:26:51 PM): *follows Lucas dutifully!*
chickendebt (10:27:16 PM): *stay close to your advisor, Barry. He is v. worried. >8*
fineyouchickens (10:27:25 PM): I thank you, Pikachu, and Blastoise for your quick response to the attack, Red. *solemn nod at him.*
blizzardchickens (10:27:58 PM): *nods* You're welcome. Let's go... *he glances around still just in case*
fineyouchickens (10:28:00 PM): *WILL BE OKAY nothing can take me down, fear not old friend!!!*
fineyouchickens (10:30:01 PM): [It'd be cute if it was getting late so they set up camp sometime soon!]
fineyouchickens (10:30:07 PM): [Sleepy boys. :o]
blizzardchickens (10:30:32 PM): [;3; oh okay]
blizzardchickens (10:30:41 PM): [So they walk a bit farther, snow is still light]
blizzardchickens (10:31:03 PM): *Red stops* This is a good place to rest. I've set up camp here before.
blizzardchickens (10:31:15 PM): [There are remains of an old fire pit]
fineyouchickens (10:31:33 PM): *treads very carefully upon the snow, acutely aware of the crunching. peers around.* So I see! Very well, then we will take a break.
blizzardchickens (10:32:51 PM): *Red nods, he's walking around gathering some branches*
blizzardchickens (10:32:59 PM): *Ugh, a little wet from the snow, but they'll do*
chickendebt (10:33:01 PM): Alright, then. *doop doop time to set up camp! Barry you can just tend to your chicken.*
fineyouchickens (10:33:18 PM): *TENDS TO CHICKEN.*
fineyouchickens (10:33:21 PM): *feeds it and such ;;*
blizzardchickens (10:34:14 PM): [Poorfrazzled chicken]
fineyouchickens (10:35:43 PM): *settles in once the sky has begun to darken, perched upon a stone covered in his furry cape so it doesn't pain his royal buttocks.*
blizzardchickens (10:36:24 PM): *red's set up some poles and a tarp cover*
blizzardchickens (10:36:42 PM): *sleeps right on the ground with a light blanket ow*
chickendebt (10:37:18 PM): *wow that is much less elaborate than the one lucas has for ~the prince~*
blizzardchickens (10:37:48 PM): [Pffff frilly?]
fineyouchickens (10:38:37 PM): [8D frilly!]
blizzardchickens (10:39:13 PM): We've covered most of the mountain today. We'll reach the peak tomorrow. I'll have a Pokemon keep watch.
chickendebt (10:39:45 PM): Thank you for all your help, Red. *He nods gratefully.*
Lucas Chicken (10:40:10 PM): *doop doop time to fish out the journal!! MUST RECORD HAPPENINGS*
blizzardchickens (10:40:21 PM): [apf pfff so cute]
fineyouchickens (10:40:39 PM): You have proved a truly valuable comrade, it is true! *appreciative smile :>*
blizzardchickens (10:41:02 PM): *is embarrassed* Oh. I'm glad.
blizzardchickens (10:41:08 PM): *rolls over on side to sleep*
fineyouchickens (10:41:21 PM): *sudden wistful gaze at the horizon.* I wonder how our princess fairs... It has been the longest time since her last visit.
chickendebt (10:42:19 PM): *uuuu princess dawn...* I am sure she is all the more lovely, Sire. Her kingdom was doing well, last I heard...
blizzardchickens (10:44:29 PM): *Red just keeping an ear open, he's not familiar with the princess*
fineyouchickens (10:46:10 PM): *smacks his fist against his knee* Lucas! I wish to host a royal gathering at the castle by late summer at the latest.
fineyouchickens (10:46:37 PM): All will be invited--even the royal families of Kanto and Johto, if they agree to grace us with their presence!
blizzardchickens (10:46:45 PM): *Red inhales sharply*
fineyouchickens (10:46:50 PM): [OH SNAP]
blizzardchickens (10:46:51 PM): Ah, nothing.
blizzardchickens (10:47:23 PM): [Elsewhere, Ethan sneezes.]
chickendebt (10:47:32 PM): Yes, Your Highness. I will have it arranged. *looking quizically over to Red...?*
fineyouchickens (10:47:37 PM): [hee prince ethaaaan]
blizzardchickens (10:48:23 PM): Just a sudden shiver. Pay me no heed.
fineyouchickens (10:48:26 PM): Ensure that our good friend the mercenary is invited! It will be our thanks for his services on this exciting adventure!
chickendebt (10:49:02 PM): Certainly. If... he would accept the invitation....
fineyouchickens (10:49:09 PM): *IMPLORING EYES*
fineyouchickens (10:49:34 PM): [Chicken: *joins in the imploring eyes*]
blizzardchickens (10:50:45 PM): I'll give it consideration. *Makes note to think of disguise or excuse not to go. Maybe get hurt somewhere and get hospitalized.*
fineyouchickens (10:51:21 PM): [sdlfkajsf]
chickendebt (10:51:26 PM): [ffffffffffff]
Lucas Chicken (10:51:50 PM): *A nod. Welp, that answer would hopefully satisfy the Prince for now...*
fineyouchickens (10:52:55 PM): *is satisfied. plans on dragging Red to the thing himself if he finds a way not to come. :D*
blizzardchickens (10:53:08 PM): [oop brb a sec]
chickendebt (10:53:13 PM): [o7!]
fineyouchickens (10:56:25 PM): [hehe that party would be so fun, if Red was trying to hide from his famiree]
blizzardchickens (10:58:58 PM): [back]
blizzardchickens (10:59:08 PM): *Red feels a chill*
blizzardchickens (10:59:48 PM): [Do they rest for the night and get up early?]
fineyouchickens (11:00:22 PM): [Suuuure]
chickendebt (11:00:26 PM): [sure thing! o7 ]
fineyouchickens (11:00:34 PM): [lol we should plot something out! I've no idea what other interesting things can happen]
blizzardchickens (11:01:14 PM): [o3o should we stop here for a bit and then plot moar?]
chickendebt (11:01:22 PM): [Sounds like a plan! o7]
fineyouchickens (11:01:30 PM): [Sure! \o/]
blizzardchickens (11:01:37 PM): [ \o/ episode 2 next time! ]
chickendebt (11:01:44 PM): [TO BE CONTINUED......]