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The initial plotting! *A*

tackleglomp (11:02:50 PM): OH SO Red is actually a prince
tackleglomp (11:02:54 PM): but he mysteriously disappeared
GosaiSon (11:02:55 PM): Whoa he is?
AuburnAbstract (11:03:00 PM): NEATO
tackleglomp (11:03:04 PM): and Ethan took his place because they looked relatively alike
ringsofroses (11:03:05 PM): from another kingdom?
GosaiSon (11:03:07 PM): WHOA
GosaiSon (11:03:09 PM): prince and the pauper?
AuburnAbstract (11:03:17 PM): pfff ethan
tackleglomp (11:03:24 PM): YES FROM A RIVAL KINGDOM
GosaiSon (11:03:32 PM): Ethan: ;A; "P-pauper?"
ringsofroses (11:03:42 PM): Ethan and Lyra would be childhood friends until the royals took him away ;A;
tackleglomp (11:03:45 PM): pfffffft omg
GosaiSon (11:03:50 PM): ;A; ooomg!
AuburnAbstract (11:03:55 PM): baaww!! ;;
tackleglomp (11:04:02 PM): Silver is Ethan's head knight
GosaiSon (11:04:03 PM): ;A; so would Lyra be all "ETHAN?" when Red walks in?
tackleglomp (11:04:06 PM): mostly because that would be hot
AuburnAbstract (11:04:10 PM): PFF
ringsofroses (11:04:22 PM): YES!
GosaiSon (11:04:33 PM): o god, if all of this is revealed, i want to see the look on Green's face
GosaiSon (11:04:41 PM): when he realizes he's been trash talking to another prince
tackleglomp (11:04:41 PM): HAHAHAHA
AuburnAbstract (11:04:38 PM): if cynthia is queen, what would the rest of the e4 be?
ringsofroses (11:04:45 PM): Jesters
tackleglomp (11:04:51 PM): Green can't get a break in any universe
GosaiSon (11:04:56 PM): Will: "No more cape snagging." :performs:
AuburnAbstract (11:05:07 PM): JESTERSDFGFSDFG
tackleglomp (11:05:14 PM): LMFAO dkflj
AuburnAbstract (11:05:18 PM): lucian jester ahahahaaa
tackleglomp (11:05:19 PM): maybe Brendan should be Barry's personal jester
GosaiSon (11:05:22 PM): Will: "I prefer the term 'court magician'." BI
AuburnAbstract (11:05:28 PM): LOL FFF

tackleglomp (11:07:04 PM): omg so Dawn is Barry's betrothed--pretty princess from another castle
tackleglomp (11:07:09 PM): but Lucas is in love with her ;A;
AuburnAbstract (11:07:13 PM): /SOB
tackleglomp (11:08:28 PM): NO
tackleglomp (11:08:30 PM): BARRY MARRIES DAWN
tackleglomp (11:08:33 PM): BUT THEN THEY LET LUCAS IN ON IT--
AuburnAbstract (11:08:36 PM): SDGFHGFD
tackleglomp (11:08:45 PM): threesomes were totally common in fairy tales let me have my dreams
GosaiSon (11:08:52 PM): where's Leaf?
tackleglomp (11:09:10 PM): she's the princess to Red's prince? :O
tackleglomp (11:09:17 PM): and she goes HUNTING FOR HIM
tackleglomp (11:09:23 PM): because she knows Ethan's not the real one
GosaiSon (11:09:26 PM): Red: "I want to get out of here."
tackleglomp (11:09:39 PM): lol Leaf = Jessebelle
GosaiSon (11:09:43 PM): Leaf: "Leaf it to me!" *kidnaps Ethan*
ringsofroses (11:09:48 PM): shfjfjhadshjfsadfs
GosaiSon (11:09:50 PM): PFft
AuburnAbstract (11:09:53 PM): SFHNGFDS
GosaiSon (11:10:06 PM): she probably trained Ethan like... horribly
tackleglomp (11:10:11 PM): XDDD LEAF HAS A RUSSIAN ACCENT
GosaiSon (11:10:12 PM): "Stand up straight!"
GosaiSon (11:10:17 PM): "Use a spoon!"
GosaiSon (11:10:23 PM): "Suck in that waist!"
AuburnAbstract (11:10:30 PM): FFFFFFFF
ringsofroses (11:10:31 PM): p-poor Ethan;;
tackleglomp (11:10:33 PM): Ethan: Are you sure princes wear corsets?
GosaiSon (11:10:44 PM): Leaf: "OF COURSE!" ::STREEEETCH::

tackleglomp (11:11:28 PM): meanwhile Cameron is a painter
tackleglomp (11:11:33 PM): a creepy painter who paints everything
AuburnAbstract (11:11:50 PM): the kind of painter who paints himself in the portrait too?
tackleglomp (11:11:56 PM): yes
AuburnAbstract (11:12:07 PM): LULZ.
tackleglomp (11:12:15 PM): LOL BYRON AND ROARK epic knights who spend most of their time digging secret tunnels

tackleglomp (11:14:52 PM): Rowan is the actual Royal Advisor/Lucas' mentor
AuburnAbstract (11:15:02 PM): ffff omg
GosaiSon (11:15:24 PM): woooow
tackleglomp (11:15:27 PM): MAYBE HE'S A WIZARD
tackleglomp (11:15:30 PM): AND LUCAS KNOWS SOME MAGIC?!
AuburnAbstract (11:15:34 PM): YES
AuburnAbstract (11:15:39 PM): YESFFFFFF
tackleglomp (11:16:00 PM): sdkljfasd one time he transforms himself into Barry to have one conversation with Dawn
tackleglomp (11:16:01 PM): ;___;
ringsofroses (11:16:11 PM): sdhfgsdhfsdfsdhfs aaaaaaa;;;
AuburnAbstract (11:16:12 PM): bawww ;;
GosaiSon (11:16:13 PM): ;w; aaw
AuburnAbstract (11:16:23 PM): you would think she'd notice though XD
AuburnAbstract (11:16:30 PM): suddenly barry isn't yelling and screaming
tackleglomp (11:16:40 PM): Dawn: ... You're being awfully quiet today.
tackleglomp (11:16:52 PM): Lucas: I uh. No I'm not. I'LL FINE YOU A MILLION FOR SUGGESTING THAT.
AuburnAbstract (11:16:57 PM): FHGFDfgH
tackleglomp (11:17:17 PM): Dawn: That's more like it. /SNOGS HARD
GosaiSon (11:17:18 PM): |Db
tackleglomp (11:17:21 PM): Lucas: ALSKDJ;DLFKJG;LKJ
AuburnAbstract (11:17:27 PM): LOLOLOL-
AuburnAbstract (11:17:37 PM): and then the transformation goes poof
tackleglomp (11:17:41 PM): sdkljf;alkj omg
tackleglomp (11:17:54 PM): I-I don't even want to know how much Barry would fine if he caught them
tackleglomp (11:17:55 PM): holy shit
AuburnAbstract (11:18:02 PM): no more chickens for you
tackleglomp (11:18:16 PM): every animal in the country
ringsofroses (11:18:23 PM): Lyra says no

tackleglomp (1:20:50 AM): OMG GUYS
tackleglomp (1:20:52 AM):
ringsofroses (1:20:59 AM): adfhjsfjsdfsd
ringsofroses (1:21:03 AM): DAAAAAADDDYYY
Noisu (1:21:06 AM): omggg
AuburnAbstract (1:21:22 AM): ASDFGHGFSDFGH
tackleglomp (1:21:38 AM): lkjdfasd tiny barry must have been so cute
tackleglomp (1:21:40 AM): so cute
AuburnAbstract (1:22:00 AM): his first word would be 'fine'
AuburnAbstract (1:22:03 AM): or chicken
tackleglomp (1:22:04 AM): HAHAHAHAHA
tackleglomp (1:22:08 AM): or maybe both
tackleglomp (1:22:09 AM): 'fricken'
AuburnAbstract (1:22:14 AM): LFLFDFGJKLOOL
tackleglomp (1:22:23 AM): I'LL FRICKEN YOU four-year-old Barry says
tackleglomp (1:22:27 AM): he is informed that it is not a word
GosaiSon (1:22:28 AM): PFFT
AuburnAbstract (1:22:31 AM): BAAWWW
GosaiSon (1:22:35 AM): the new currency
AuburnAbstract (1:22:43 AM): ;A; s-so cute
tackleglomp (1:23:04 AM): p-pfffff tiny Lucas is the one who teaches him that it is actually 'fine' and 'chicken'
tackleglomp (1:23:09 AM): Lucas regrets it for the rest of his life
AuburnAbstract (1:23:13 AM): ADFGHJGFDS AWWW
AuburnAbstract (1:23:18 AM): and gsfdhjk,fd
ringsofroses (1:23:19 AM): maybe Barry wanted to raise chickens when he was young :|a
ringsofroses (1:23:23 AM): except it is not princely
tackleglomp (1:23:34 AM): bawwwwww
tackleglomp (1:23:43 AM): THAT'S WHY HIS HAIR LOOKS LIKE THAT
AuburnAbstract (1:23:54 AM): LMAO SDFGHJHGFD
ringsofroses (1:24:02 AM): F-FLUFFY

AuburnAbstract (1:39:43 AM): LOL lance sdfgfds DRAGON LOVER
tackleglomp (1:40:12 AM): Knights: CHAAAAAAARGEEEEEE
tackleglomp (1:40:20 AM): Lance: HOLD IT /is suddenly in front of them, cape swishing
tackleglomp (1:40:26 AM): Lance: HE'S OUR FRIEND, NOT A BEAST!
tackleglomp (1:40:30 AM): Knights: ............ :|
AuburnAbstract (1:40:37 AM): dragons are food, not sport
AuburnAbstract (1:40:40 AM): /nod
GosaiSon (1:40:42 AM): Lance: "Here here... here, boy..."
tackleglomp (1:40:45 AM): omnom
GosaiSon (1:40:46 AM): Dragon: ::EATS::
ringsofroses (1:40:47 AM): sdjhfgdsjfhdsgfsf
AuburnAbstract (1:40:50 AM): LULS
tackleglomp (1:40:57 AM): Green: ... Well, looks like I'm head knight. :'D
GosaiSon (1:41:00 AM): Pfffft
AuburnAbstract (1:41:04 AM): Green: /WINNER
ringsofroses (1:41:21 AM): Dragon wanders away with Lance in mouth and Lyra finds them :|b
AuburnAbstract (1:41:54 AM): REALLY
ringsofroses (1:42:14 AM): neither does the dragon
AuburnAbstract (1:42:20 AM): so he's stuck with lyra forever
AuburnAbstract (1:42:23 AM): happy ending

tackleglomp (2:58:10 AM): WELL 17-year-old Barry is much less LDKF;JLGSKJDF about girls than he was at say, 12. If he and Dawn have been betrothed since a relatively early age he's probably used to it by now, but if he's known her forever he'd still treat her more like a good friend than a fiancée
tackleglomp (2:58:42 AM): if he's ever kissed her it was an accident. probably ran into her or something :|
AuburnAbstract (2:59:02 AM): LOL that's adorable actually ♥♥
ringsofroses (2:59:14 AM): accidental kiss ;A;
AuburnAbstract (2:59:24 AM): EW COOTIES
ringsofroses (2:59:30 AM): .../slap
tackleglomp (2:59:39 AM): "DAWN WATCH OUT--MMPHdfgsldkjf... mmph... mmph." /awkward silence
AuburnAbstract (3:00:01 AM): Lucas: "..../facepalm"
tackleglomp (3:00:02 AM): Palmer: *rubs hands gleefully in the background, flees*
tackleglomp (3:00:06 AM): HAHA
AuburnAbstract (3:00:10 AM): LULZ PALMER
ringsofroses (3:00:30 AM): JUST AS PLANNED OH GOD.
tackleglomp (3:00:37 AM): LMAO YES
AuburnAbstract (3:00:48 AM): HAHAHAHAHAA.
tackleglomp (3:00:59 AM): and I keep getting swan princess vibes from this dfgsd
tackleglomp (3:01:08 AM): awkward turtle Dawn turns into GORGEOUS DAWN?
AuburnAbstract (3:01:18 AM): hnnnnnngg-- YES
tackleglomp (3:01:21 AM): Barry is like SHE'S JUST A FRIEND--wow she's kind of pretty um
AuburnAbstract (3:01:49 AM): personally i'm excited for stoic, bowing-to-higher-ups Lucas 8D
tackleglomp (3:01:57 AM): yessssss
AuburnAbstract (3:01:58 AM): also magic powers
tackleglomp (3:02:02 AM): yesssssss++
tackleglomp (3:04:04 AM): Barry probably has the oddest friendship with him. Half the time Lucas = sitting in his room STUDYING THINGS and the other half Lucas = adventuretiemz bff!!1!
AuburnAbstract (3:04:28 AM): SDFGF LOL YES
AuburnAbstract (3:04:54 AM): 1/2 srs bsns, 1/2 wonder what happens when i use magic on this flammable barrel
tackleglomp (3:05:22 AM): ldfk;jgslkfj omg lucas
AuburnAbstract (3:05:41 AM): ps: the answer is explosions happens
AuburnAbstract (3:06:03 AM): ...that solves his hypothesis /goes back to srs bsns lucas
AuburnAbstract (3:06:08 AM): LOLOLOL
tackleglomp (3:06:09 AM): ahahaha I just pictured him coming up with the perfect way to actually get Barry to study--placate him by going along on his crazy trip to the forest and then pulling out a textbook when they take a rest
AuburnAbstract (3:06:27 AM): HAHAHA FFF he would do it too
tackleglomp (3:06:31 AM): ffffff
AuburnAbstract (3:07:11 AM): I-I THINK I POSTED IT ALREADY-
AuburnAbstract (3:07:39 AM): everything comes back to something SRS. like blowing up the barrel = SCIENCE
tackleglomp (3:07:51 AM): lmaaaaao
tackleglomp (3:08:02 AM): just like trying to get some dawn action = science amirite
AuburnAbstract (3:08:08 AM): SADFGHGFD--
ringsofroses (3:08:13 AM): sdhfdsghjdfsd
AuburnAbstract (3:08:35 AM): ..HE'LL THINK OF IT LATER
ringsofroses (3:08:35 AM): SHE'D SLAP HIM :|
AuburnAbstract (3:08:37 AM): /FLEES
tackleglomp (3:09:01 AM): is Dawn super faithful to Barry ;A;
ringsofroses (3:09:35 AM): I imagine she's known all her life that she's to be married to him
AuburnAbstract (3:09:42 AM): she won't give her chickens to anyone but barry
AuburnAbstract (3:09:44 AM): /SHOT
tackleglomp (3:09:46 AM): kdjlafkdhalkjh
tackleglomp (3:09:56 AM): what about her panties
ringsofroses (3:10:01 AM): which she'd do proudly-
AuburnAbstract (3:10:03 AM): those too
AuburnAbstract (3:10:17 AM): ORLY
tackleglomp (3:10:23 AM): /giggles like a teenage boy with lommy over here
AuburnAbstract (3:10:31 AM): teeheehee, panties!
AuburnAbstract (3:10:36 AM): xDD
tackleglomp (3:10:37 AM): heeheehee girls are funny
ringsofroses (3:10:38 AM): do you want to check >|
tackleglomp (3:10:51 AM): no thanks we've seen them plenty of times
AuburnAbstract (3:11:15 AM): heeheeheehee
tackleglomp (3:11:21 AM): teeheehee
ringsofroses (3:11:54 AM): guys are tempting her to run away from home one day :|a
AuburnAbstract (3:12:09 AM): that would be most unfortunate
AuburnAbstract (3:12:14 AM): we'd have to come rescue you
ringsofroses (3:12:37 AM): she'll meet giratina whom she thinks is a cute dragon and become bff with it
AuburnAbstract (3:12:44 AM): LOL FFF

tackleglomp (3:16:42 AM): /ponders Barry's battling skills
tackleglomp (3:16:55 AM): would they use a mix of swordfighting/etc. AND Pokémon I wonder
ringsofroses (3:17:16 AM): MERGE WITH POKEMON TO DO BATTLE
AuburnAbstract (3:17:17 AM): OOHH. 8DD
AuburnAbstract (3:17:20 AM): wait
AuburnAbstract (3:17:23 AM): merge? XDD
ringsofroses (3:17:23 AM): /digimon
tackleglomp (3:17:24 AM): maybe it's only common for them to have one or two Pokémon? and they--lmao
AuburnAbstract (3:17:46 AM): would they even have pokeballs? xD
tackleglomp (3:17:52 AM): no! :-D
AuburnAbstract (3:18:17 AM): their pokemon follow them because of SUPER TRUUUST
AuburnAbstract (3:18:21 AM): ♥♥
ringsofroses (3:18:22 AM): like the lucario movie flashback?
tackleglomp (3:18:24 AM): yessssss
AuburnAbstract (3:18:36 AM): yaayy!
tackleglomp (3:19:19 AM): hmm I think Barry currently has a derpy Grotle and a Staravia
tackleglomp (3:19:57 AM): they're not SUPER HIGH-LEVELLED/max-evolved yet because as a prince he's mostly done like, practice and exhibition matches
tackleglomp (3:20:02 AM): only the knights would have the really powerful pokemon
AuburnAbstract (3:20:07 AM): lucas has a clefairy and a male lopunny-- I MEAN
tackleglomp (3:20:13 AM): LMAO
AuburnAbstract (3:20:14 AM): idk what he would have hahaha
tackleglomp (3:20:23 AM): ... o-omg
tackleglomp (3:20:27 AM): a chimchar with glasses
tackleglomp (3:20:32 AM): that hangs out in the library all the time
ringsofroses (3:20:35 AM): sdhdgfhsd
AuburnAbstract (3:20:38 AM): sfdsasf LOL WUT hjkmsds
AuburnAbstract (3:20:41 AM): xDD
tackleglomp (3:20:46 AM): MONKEYS ARE SMART OKAY
AuburnAbstract (3:20:56 AM): SMART MONKEEYYYSS
tackleglomp (3:21:40 AM): --OH YEAH and of course he has a Rapidash
tackleglomp (3:21:44 AM): can't be a prince without the horse
AuburnAbstract (3:22:11 AM): /needs to look up pokemanz
AuburnAbstract (3:23:01 AM): since lucas is SCHOLARLY i think he'd have a psychic type maybe?
tackleglomp (3:23:04 AM): when I think of smart book-types: noctowl, most psychics?
tackleglomp (3:23:08 AM): --yes!
AuburnAbstract (3:23:09 AM): yeaahhh!
tackleglomp (3:23:29 AM): he should have a raaaalts
AuburnAbstract (3:23:38 AM): ooh, maybe 8D
tackleglomp (3:23:50 AM): Girafarig :E
ringsofroses (3:24:02 AM): sdjkfhdfjksd girafarig
AuburnAbstract (3:24:12 AM): the second head would hate him or something XDD
tackleglomp (3:25:31 AM): lmao if he had a really lazy bronzor that got lost in the library all the time because it sleeps between books on the shelves
tackleglomp (3:26:01 AM): some innocent person grabs a book and--BAM annoyed bronzor pops out and hovers elsewhere
AuburnAbstract (3:26:14 AM): LOL FFFF so many optionnss
AuburnAbstract (3:27:35 AM): i keep seeing him with an espeon kitty cat that just moves to sleep in the sun that comes through the windows of the library
tackleglomp (3:27:45 AM): eeeee espeon
AuburnAbstract (3:27:52 AM): it has to move every hour to keep in the sun XD
tackleglomp (3:29:04 AM): bawwww
AuburnAbstract (3:29:33 AM): so there's one. ...Would he have a horse? i'm not sure.
tackleglomp (3:30:04 AM): a dodrio--
AuburnAbstract (3:30:14 AM): hgfdfghhghj
ringsofroses (3:30:34 AM): Rapidashhh
tackleglomp (3:30:50 AM): o-omg
tackleglomp (3:30:56 AM): what if Lucas had a shiny Rapidash
AuburnAbstract (3:31:07 AM): omg
AuburnAbstract (3:31:20 AM): so cool
tackleglomp (3:31:25 AM): yessss
tackleglomp (3:31:45 AM): barry's only not HORRIBLY JEALOUS because shinydash likes Lucas a lot more, and he loves his own pony anyway
tackleglomp (3:31:57 AM): it'd just be cuute
tackleglomp (3:31:59 AM): with his colour schemee
AuburnAbstract (3:32:00 AM): ponylove ;;
tackleglomp (3:32:14 AM): they could race all the time~
AuburnAbstract (3:32:30 AM): barry would win a whoole bunch i'm sure XD
tackleglomp (3:32:42 AM): lmfao only because the trainer's as fast as the horse
tackleglomp (3:32:52 AM): Barry: /EPIC WIPEOUT
tackleglomp (3:32:55 AM): Barry: /KEEPS RUNNING ANYWAY
AuburnAbstract (3:32:59 AM): LMAO SDFGFSDFG
AuburnAbstract (3:33:08 AM): EXACTLY
AuburnAbstract (3:33:24 AM): ...maybe dawn's an epic horserider and beats both of them 8D
tackleglomp (3:33:30 AM): pffffft
tackleglomp (3:33:40 AM): dawn rides a reshiram
AuburnAbstract (3:33:46 AM): PFFFFF
tackleglomp (3:33:55 AM): Lucas and Barry: orz
AuburnAbstract (3:34:32 AM): i have a pokemon with a featherection, your argument in invalid
tackleglomp (3:34:43 AM): gfdgghdfg
tackleglomp (3:34:53 AM): "I HAVE an erection your argument is invalid"
AuburnAbstract (3:34:54 AM): srsly
AuburnAbstract (3:34:57 AM): SDFGFD LOL
tackleglomp (3:35:07 AM): "...... wait /maybe shouldn't have shared that"
AuburnAbstract (3:35:27 AM): /pretends not to notice ffffuuu-
tackleglomp (3:35:33 AM): pfffff
ringsofroses (3:36:09 AM): asdasfdsdfd
ringsofroses (3:36:47 AM): DAWN LETS THEM WIN OKAY
AuburnAbstract (3:38:09 AM): HAHAHA how nice of her not to shoot down their egos totally
ringsofroses (3:39:08 AM): maybe she won against Barry once and was "..." at his reaction so she lets him win all the time while he doesn't know :|a
tackleglomp (3:39:42 AM): such a good wife ;A;

tackleglomp (3:52:20 AM): BUT UH
tackleglomp (3:52:24 AM): "your highness" is probably totally fine
tackleglomp (3:52:53 AM): if Lucas wants to be snarky he can say "Your illustriousness" once in a while too 8D
AuburnAbstract (3:53:00 AM): OH BOY 8D
tackleglomp (3:54:26 AM): also I figure Barry and Dawn call each other by name in private and probably around Lucas
tackleglomp (3:54:44 AM): but in public they're expected to refer to each other with the fancy names I think
AuburnAbstract (3:55:02 AM): sounds good to me!
tackleglomp (3:55:15 AM): when Barry and Lucas are HAVING LOTS OF FUN Lucas is allowed to call Barry Barry and he will not raise an eyebrow
AuburnAbstract (3:55:23 AM): ALSO DAWN what do you want lucas to call you, or just stick with your highness
tackleglomp (3:55:24 AM): but when Barry is grumpy he'll fine you for not showing him respect
AuburnAbstract (3:55:34 AM): LOL there go the rest of his chickens
tackleglomp (3:55:38 AM): XDDDD
AuburnAbstract (3:55:55 AM): i think it'd be harder for lucas NOT to call him by his title
tackleglomp (3:56:08 AM): truuue
ringsofroses (3:56:23 AM): ummmm, probably your highness o: And then some years after they meet "Just call me Dawn, Lucas."
tackleglomp (3:56:40 AM): I think it's situation-dependent. Like if Barry is jabbering on about Dawn and requires bro-advice and not advisor-advice he'll >:| at Lucas being all formal
AuburnAbstract (3:56:54 AM): alrighty, dawn~!
AuburnAbstract (3:57:16 AM): HAHA lucas'll be like "but sire- i mean bar--asdfdsdf"

tackleglomp (4:09:11 AM): I--omg
tackleglomp (4:09:15 AM): lommy
tackleglomp (4:09:17 AM): lommy
tackleglomp (4:09:19 AM): lucas needs a lucario dfgsdf
AuburnAbstract (4:09:35 AM): are you serious
AuburnAbstract (4:09:39 AM): dFGHFD
tackleglomp (4:09:44 AM): YEAH I'M SERIOUS ;;
tackleglomp (4:09:48 AM): OR AN ADORABLE BABY RIOLU
tackleglomp (4:09:52 AM): but aaaaa it fits him so well
AuburnAbstract (4:10:04 AM): RIOLU IT IS hahaa~
tackleglomp (4:10:05 AM): HIS MAGIC = AURA?!
AuburnAbstract (4:10:18 AM): LOL FFFF
AuburnAbstract (4:10:22 AM): MAYBE OMG
tackleglomp (4:10:32 AM): Barry: Lucas! Use Aura Sphere!
tackleglomp (4:10:37 AM): Lucas: *USES AURA SPHERE FUCKYEAH*
AuburnAbstract (4:10:42 AM): LMAO FFFFFFFFFFF

AuburnAbstract (4:38:53 AM): /saving every srsfaced lucas ever
tackleglomp (4:39:34 AM): lucas why so --
AuburnAbstract (4:39:44 AM): NO.
AuburnAbstract (4:39:47 AM): /shot
AuburnAbstract (4:39:48 AM): xDD
tackleglomp (4:39:56 AM): /IS THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE SHOT
tackleglomp (4:39:59 AM): /STOP TAKING BULLETS FOR ME D:
AuburnAbstract (4:40:06 AM): /dives in front of
ringsofroses (4:40:25 AM): a-awwwww
AuburnAbstract (4:40:42 AM): /dives in front of you also
AuburnAbstract (4:40:48 AM): /SIMULTANEOUSLY
tackleglomp (4:40:52 AM): D8
AuburnAbstract (4:41:15 AM): /dying on ground
tackleglomp (4:41:21 AM): /sobs and clutches at
ringsofroses (4:41:30 AM): /rewinds time with Celebii
AuburnAbstract (4:41:37 AM): ...your highness...
AuburnAbstract (4:41:45 AM): own the chickens already.
AuburnAbstract (4:41:47 AM): /dies
tackleglomp (4:41:58 AM): /CRIES AT THE SKY
tackleglomp (4:42:08 AM): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO